Why Invest in Bali?

Investing in Bali: A Gateway to Exceptional Returns

“Bali stands as a prime destination for those seeking not only the beauty of the island but also the lucrative opportunity for passive income. Real estate investment in Bali is a unique avenue to achieve this, offering higher ROI than many other global locations. The cost of maintaining properties in Bali is significantly lower compared to Europe – often up to ten times less. This economic advantage, coupled with the island’s allure, contributes to a more rapid return on investment.

When you build a villa with KDK and step into the Bali property market, you’re looking at a potential 100% ROI in approximately four years. Beyond this period, you stand to gain profits for the remainder of a 25-year leasehold, which translates into 21 years of profit.

This compelling financial prospect is bolstered by Bali’s status as a top tourist and expat haven, ensuring consistent demand and making real estate one of the most effective ways to secure passive income. With KDK’s expertise and strategic approach, your investment is positioned to thrive, maximizing your returns and securing your financial future.

Services for The Buyer

KDK Properties are ready to exceed your expectations with our property sale services. Our team will prepare a suitable selection of premium properties based on your requirements such as your desired location, style of living and purchasing price.

Our Bali real estate property selection increases by an average of seven new listings per Week and our Sales Team are actively checking listing availability and pricing on a range of sales across the island. Our Sales Team offers a complete package to make sure you are taken care of whilst searching for your dream home.

We provide everything from property viewings, legal notary support, price negotiation and provide you with the latest information on available investment properties in Bali.

Professional Legal Advice

Legal Services are available to our clients. We work in collaboration with our partner’s notary service for all due diligence for both villa or land sales, however, buyers can also choose the notary of their choice. Our team can arrange legal and fiscal advice for our buyers. Our full list of services is as listed below:

  • Making notarial agreements, such as lease agreements, lease extension agreements, lease transfer agreements, sale and purchase agreements.

  • Providing land-related deeds, such as: Akta Jual Beli (deed of Sale and Purchase), Akta Pemberian Hak Guna Bangunan Atas lahan Hak Milik (deed of HGB or Freehold).

  • Legalization of agreements made privately/underhand.

  • Waarmerking (certification) agreements made privately/underhand.

  • Power of attorney

Investment Property

Assisting you with every step of your investment project or residential retirement project is our goal. Let our trusted team handle the complexities of property investing so you can enjoy finding your dream home with our experienced real estate agents. Our experienced staff can assist buyers with price negotiation, property inventory and the final stage of the key handover. 

Services for the Seller

KDK Properties provides professional property valuation with our honest and experienced approach to selling your property. Our sales consultants have a wide variety of field experience within this region and understand the current market. Our sales consultants will schedule coordinated monthly viewings of the property by appointment only and provide the seller with a comprehensive monthly report, detailing the number of property visits and all client feedback. 

At KDK Properties, we pride ourselves on our efficient marketing strategy that is personally adapted to your property. This is an area of expertise that has been developed over many years of selling property in Bali. 

This strategy package includes, but is not limited to Social Media Marketing on platforms with a high level of engagement and interaction, Marketing on real estate websites including Rumah123, Luxury Estate and many more, plus an individual marketing campaign to guarantee online exposure of your property to potential buyers. 

Our service includes free semi-professional edited pictures for every property, free indoor and outdoor drone video content and virtual visit content to put your property at the forefront of the online competition. 

As part of our exclusive villa sales marketing package, we offer an indoor and outdoor drone video, virtual visit, and marketing book for a reduced fee. In the instance that your property is successfully sold, all costs incurred will be refunded back to the seller.

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